Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Pit Bull Rescue Central

Matt Scientist Research Lab: Asking Questions

1] Do You have a pet?
X] If the answer is yes, what is the current age?
Y] Where did You get your Pet from?
Z] How does Your Pet look like? Breed, color, etc.


2] What Animals are Indecisive?


3] How often do You participate in Volunteer work at Animal Shelters?


4] Are You willing to participate in Activities for All Animals in Shelters?


5] We are Part of the Animal Kingdom, if You could choose, which animal would you be in Your Next Life?


6] What is Your Favorite Animal and What does it eat?


7] Are you scared of Animals? List them and Explain why.


8] How many Animals are being killed for consumption each year? How many millions do you think?


9] Which animals are about to Extinct and what can we do about it?


0] How much do You Care about Animals in general? Rate from 1 (zero care) to 10 (lots of care).


11:11] Additional Information.


Leave as much information as you like regarding the Care for Animals.
Your thoughts, suggestions and or opinions You might want to Share.


Thank you for answering the questions, much appreciated!