Friday, December 13, 2019
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Trees are a vital resource for life on Earth. They are key to our very existence, to the balance of gases in our atmosphere, and to the production of critical renewable resources worldwide.

Trees also take years to grow to a stage where they can provide a real boost to our lives, and so the time to act is right now. Donate a little today to secure peace of mind tomorrow.

1-2-Tree: trees here, trees there. Trees everywhere.

To help you help the planet, we’ve started the 1-2-Tree program. It’s a simple donation we set up to allow you to make a difference quite literally with a single click.

Each donation of €12.50 will buy two trees: one for the Netherlands, one for another country. You can find a list of our international accomplishments in the FAQ. There is no corporate overhead, no layers of management to go through: one donation, two trees. That’s it.

We are and work exclusively with CBF-registered organizations, and only invest in long-lived projects. All your money goes into ensuring that your trees are planted, and you’ll receive a certificate to attest the number of trees you donated, and where they were planted.

A corporate forest? We can help.

If you are looking for a worthwhile cause for your company to support, we also have industrial-sized donations of 2000 trees (€12.500) on the same template as the 1-2-Tree program.

We’ll plant half the trees in the Netherlands, and the other half in another country. The FAQs will have more information on which countries we support, and how.

You’ll get the 1-2-Tree certificate, and your employees are welcome to our yearly tree-planting day to get their hands dirty and personal with the trees you sponsored. It sure beats the average hotel retreat of boring workshops, and you can make an actual, tangible difference in the world today, for the planet’s future.

All our donations are recognized as ANBI-level by the Dutch Belastingdienst, and therefore each donation is deductible because it helps compensate CO2.

Do you want to join forces at another level? Perhaps a long-term commitment, or a larger one? Then, get in touch (contact page link) and let’s discuss what you have in mind.

Planting trees is not a good deed, it is a necessary deed.

Frequently asked questions

What is Trees for All?

We are a non-profit organization, the only one in the Netherlands focused on CO2 compensation, as well as the only one equipped to plant trees, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • We empower our donors to make a durable, sustainable change
  • We help both companies and individuals to make a difference towards living a CO2-neutral life
  • Our policies are full Triple P (people, planet, profit)

What is the purpose of Trees for All?

We strive for awareness. Everyone can be made aware that they can contribute to reversing climate change and so many other troubles with every single personal action they perform. Sustainability is more than a buzzword, it’s  the key to the very survival of our species. Triple P is more than a saying. It’s people, planet, profit. In that order.

What have you accomplished so far?


In Mali, Trees for All planted millions of trees that local farmers harvest for Physic Nuts. As well as having medicinal uses, the oil that comes from the nuts has great trade potential as a biodiesel source. The trees’ shrubs also protect the fields, and their roots hydrate the soil. We are currently looking for a meaningful follow-up to this project.


Trees for All has been working on the restoration of the rainforest in the Danum Valley Reserve in Bormeo for years. Our trees contribute to the restoration of flora and fauna in the area.


Intense deforestation of Mount Malindang in the Philippines has caused large scale erosion, floods, and mudslides with dramatic effects for the valleys and lands below. With the support of Trees for All, the woodland has been restored, and is being maintained with an eye for long term sustainability.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Trees for All has been planting woodland in several ereas, such as Bentwoud, Venneperhout, Park21, the Wehlse Broeklanden, and in the Klinkenbergerplas.

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