Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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So many elderly people have no one to care for them, no one to look after them, no one to love them. Help us in providing the elderly with the love and appreciation they deserve. Founded by Jacob Cramer at the age of 13, Love For The Elderly is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors with kindness and joy!

Love for the Elderly (LFTE) Inspires others to connect with their elders and bridge pre-existing age barriers, through programs such as Letters of Love (a handwritten letter-writing program that brings smiles to the faces of seniors), Senior Buddies (forming pen-pal relationships between youth and nursing home residents), SunshineBox (distributing fun boxes filled with goodies to seniors in nursing homes), and our Social Impact Program (a broad range of initiatives inspiring people to show more kindness to seniors which includes TEDx talks, public speaking engagements, educational presentations, and awareness through social media with the ultimate goal of generating a social impact of breaking down age-related barriers).

We would love to have you on-board our journey of kindness! At LFTE, we wholeheartedly believe that ANYONE can make a difference, and EVERYONE should try! Why not try right now? From writing a letter to a lonely senior to using your spare change for a good cause by making a donation to my nonprofit, there’s so much you can do to make a difference and show your “love for the elderly!”​Through these initiatives, Love for the Elderly has brought joy to tens of thousands of seniors across the globe, motivating and inspiring people to give back to their elders in over 60 countries and 6 continents.

Senior Buddies

***Program on hiatus for the foreseeable future until we can find a more sustainable way to run it.
​If you’re interested in writing to seniors, please check out our Letters of Love.***

Our Senior Buddy program is a pilot pen-pal program that we started in February of 2016. It connects seniors, who often experience loneliness and isolation, with young students. Over the course of a school year, they become pen-pals and have the opportunity to develop relationships through letter-writing. Although this program has just begun, it’s already making huge strides and has impacted many lives!

In 2016-2017, we piloted our program with some enthusiastic students in São Paulo, Brazil who are learning English through pen-palling with elders in Portland, Maine! So far, it’s been a roaring success, and we’re so excited that the students and seniors have been able to reap mutual benefits from their monthly pen-pal writing! They’ve even had the opportunity to Skype with each other!

Here’s an example of the mark we’ve made on the lives of the buddies.

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