Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Human Rights, Peace and Elections

Training of teaching and medical professionals is not the only form of training important for  the rebuilding of Afghan capacity. The Afghan people want to learn and to grow. They frequently ask AIL for training that goes beyond schooling in the basics of literacy or income generating skills.  They want to know how to improve their lives, their communities and their country.  AIL provides human rights training, emerging leaders training and training in peace and leadership. In addition, many have received training in capacity building and information technology. AIL uses workshops, seminars and conference formats in its training program. 
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Human Rights Training

Human Rights Workshops include the struggle to eliminate violence (of all types) against women in society by empowering women. Afghan women have learned how to advocate for their rights and to develop leadership skills with self confidence through these workshops.Women learn that religion does not condone violence against people, including within families. Women develop skills in communication and ways to prevent violence against themselves and the knowledge of how to effect positive change within their families and communities. AIL also developed workshops on children’s rights for children and adults. All these workshops are very popular with people.

Changing the mindset of an individual so that they can stand up for themselves is life changing for them. The the first step to achieving that is to give them knowledge of what is appropriate behavior and proper social values. So people learn about good citizenship, good governance and connect that to good family relationships and behavior. The goal is for everyone in society to reach their full potential so they can contribute fully to their family, community and society.

Peace Training “Today is a Good Day for Peace”.

In the classes and workshops every day is a good day for peace. Since 1996, AIL has included peace messages in all of its classes and all of its workshops. It has focused leadership and peace workshops and these have an emphasis on how to discuss issues with others in a peaceful way. The participants are trained to work to resolve conflicts in their daily lives in a peaceful, non-confrontational way.

“After participating in the Peace Workshop,I will try to bring a major change into my own personality and this will be the solution of interior problems within myself . Then I will try to solve the conflicts existing in my family, workplace and environment” .

“Following this workshop, when I face conflicts, I will try to solve them with patience, good skills of communication, preservation of the opposite side’s personality…. as I learned these skills from this workshop….my first step will be to work hard for the removal of rancor and negative perceptions which I have against someone … and then I will try to behave positively to everyone with a spirit of being in a peaceful environment. ” by a participant in an AIL Peace Workshop.

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