Saturday, March 28, 2020
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The Results

HAF has 15 organic fruit tree nurseries located in five provinces of Morocco, which are funded by Ecosia (a social business based in Berlin, Germany) and the United Nations DevelopmentProgram, and previously by the Bureau of Oceans, Environment, and Scientific Research (U.S.government). Since 2003, HAF planted 3.5 million fruit seeds and trees with farming familiesand schools. Approximately 10,000 household incomes are impacted (60,000 rural people) bythese projects (including those neighboring the Tazekka National Park near Taza).

Morocco struggles to provide people food security and to reduce rural poverty. There is an urgent need to grow organic and endemic crops with the potential to produce high-quality, high-value food whose production requires minimum water resources. HAF assists farming families with managing their food cultivation in an environmentally sustainable manner for security and profit.

Tree Nursery Infrastructure

HAF builds community-managed tree nurseries and infrastructure (i.e., terracing, wells, solar pumps, basins, water towers, piping).

Cooperative Building

HAF facilitates cooperative-building trainings to provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure members’ goals are tangible. In the training, made possible with funding by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), participants learn about the core differences between associations and cooperatives, the required legal steps to take for cooperative establishment, accounting principles, marketing and communication strategies, vital administrative tasks, and effective management.

HAF trains local farmers in organic techniques related to nursery and orchard growing, as well as project management, including skills to

  • Preserve soil and water
  • Protect trees from viruses and pests
  • Harvest and store crops
  • Avoid contamination
  • Secure organic and quality food certifications
  • Monitor carbon offsets
  • Facilitate participatory community planning of projects

Detailed training manuals are diffused by HAF experts to local community members who are trained, and then train others, in these agricultural and management techniques.

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