Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Are you a passionate GameChanger and a Peace Advocate?

Be one of us!

KI is now recruiting its next batch of Young Muslim Professional Volunteers who are willing to become peace advocates and volunteers to work for social development in Muslim and Non-Muslim communities.

Kapamagogopa Inc.’s 108 volunteers have contributed a total of over 220,000 hours of voluntary work by working for peace and development in Muslim and non Muslim communities. They have touched directly or indirectly the lives of more than 700,000 people in the Philippines.

  • First and only systematized and institutionalized Muslim volunteer sending organization in the Philippines.
  • Working for better cross cultural relationshipscommunity empowerment and poverty alleviation for peace and development.
  • Means ‘ sharing or helping others’ in Maranao, a language spoken by Muslims in Southern Philippines.
  • Our volunteers are trained to become peace weavers to bring their skills to both Muslim and non-Muslimcommunities.
  • Our Muslim volunteers adhere to the core values of Islam on Peace and Development, including socio-politics, economics, culture ,spirituality and gender sensitivity.
  • Established and registered with Security and Exchange Commission of the Philippines on July 21, 2004.

KI was founded to:

♦ Positively change the five-century old conflict in Mindanao, southern Philippines, considered to be the second oldest on earth, between:

  • Muslim clans
  • Religion-based differences between Christians and Muslims
  • Alienation of indigenous peoples (sometimes referred to ‘Lumads’)

♦ Provide professional opportunities for young Muslim adults, giving them the chance to break social isolation and to work in multi-cultural environments.

♦ Support the professional development of young Muslim adults, who are eager to voice the rights of self-determination of Muslims in the Philippines.

♦ Break the stereotype of Muslims who are seen as recipients with no or little recognition of their skills or contribution to development and peace building.

♦ Assign skilled local volunteers to areas of Mindanao and other parts of the country where international volunteers have limited access due to cultural and/or security concerns.

♦ Develop a holistic approach to the peace process with international and local techniques and methods in areas where both local and international volunteers are present.

Inspiring women to become peacebuilders

Amal is one of our current volunteers, she is 23 and hails from Ramain, in the province of Lanao del Sur. One day, she aspires to become a teacher. Amal has been organizing a community of women in one of the poorest areas of the country that has been affected by conflict for many years. Amal has helped the women form their own organization and to capacity build them. At their last meeting, the women were moved to tears as they were so grateful to help given to them by Amal and the other KI volunteers.

As well as developing our volunteers to become leaders, one of our project aims, is for them to inspire others, especially from the grassroots, to work for peace. It is vital for a successful peace process that more women are involved.

Recently, Amal was requested by Jesuit Relief Services, an international Catholic organization, to talk to 35 women from both Christian and Muslim conflict affected communities in Lanao del Norte. Amal\’s talk was on the \’importance of the role of women in the peace process and community peacebuilding initiatives\’. She shared her experiences of growing up with conflict, especially how she was affected by a rido (clan feud), and how she became involved in peacebuilding first as a student involving herself in interfaith dialogue and then with KI. She was able to connect with the women because she has gone through the same difficulties and could communicate with the women in their local language. At first, Amal felt very apprehensive to give a talk but after the event she also felt inspired by the women as they also had similar experience. She observed \”The women became emotional because the one who is inspiring them is a very young lady and they felt ashamed because they are older but do not have the confidence or enthusiasm to become involved\”

Amal believes that peace really starts through education especially for women and young people and plans to continue with this work after KI.

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