Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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The Eldercare Foundation is a registered charity that raises and manages funds dedicated to supporting enhanced quality of life for seniors. Our mission, in partnership with our donors, is to ensure that our community supports and embraces aging with respect and dignity.

The Eldercare Foundation (Eldercare/the Foundation) is a registered charity operating under the following purposes:

  • To relieve conditions attributable to being aged by providing seniors with health and medical equipment and facilities, and related support programs, activities and services;
  • To promote health by providing seniors, their support groups and the public with information on available care, support services and resources for seniors, and related education and awareness programs on concerns affecting seniors;
  • To promote health by carrying out initiatives to improve care and the quality of life of seniors, such as research, education for healthcare students and support individuals, and projects to identify related needs of seniors and develop solutions to meet them; and
  • To do all other activities that are ancillary and incidental to achieving the above charitable purposes.

Eldercare directly supports over 700 residents who call Aberdeen, Mt. Tolmie, Glengarry, Priory, Heritage Woods and Oak Bay Lodge extended care facilities ‘home’ and generally supports the enhancement of care and quality of life for Canadian seniors.  The Foundation also directly supports community programs for seniors including the West Shore and Oak Bay Lodge Adult Day Programs, the Mobile Adult Day Program, the Community Bathing Program, the SAFE Lifeline Program, the Yakimovich Wellness Centre and the Piercy Respite Hotel.

Eldercare raises community awareness of the needs of seniors and their family caregivers, highlighting the many resources, activities and educational opportunities available to help improve quality of life.  We also support senior serving groups and organizations that promote and inspire positive aging. Additionally, we have endowments that provide education awards to help caregiving staff upgrade their skills and research funding to enhance care for the elderly both now and into the future.

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